• Feeding helpless home-less old-age,
    disabled people on road & helpless families in slums

    Few volunteers, feeding 1,11,600 people annually is not possible
    without your support

  • COVID-19 Humanitarian Aid -- Feeding the
    home-less, disables & transgender people

    No jobs, no money; all they need our attention and compassion;
    enbale us to continute our humanitarian aid

  • Feeding stray dogs/puppies;
    Support IIScians to feed the dogs/puppies in Bangalore

    A painful sight, a newborn puppy, sniffs the ground, searching for its food
    without knowing that the floor is endless, inside the closed walls of IISc

Why we are here?

Becuase we value the Humanity
with Compassion

iNNER-EYE (R)is a non-profitable charitable Foundation, established in the year of 2016 under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, for the social causes to help & empower parent-less children, poors in slum, old-age, mentally & phyically challengeing children, homelss people & transgenders on Livelihood, Education, Health & Disaster Relief

Our Key Projects

To fill the gap where we lack the Human Values & Practices

We are here & committed to serve the old-age people and empowering the marginalized under-privileged people & disabled community people on Livelihood, Education and Healthcare

Home for Old-age

To provide sustainable, secure and peaceful livelihood for the group of support-less/homeless people.

Feeding Homeless

Everyday feeding the helpless old-age, panhandlers & diasabled people and helping them to sustain lives.

Women Empowerment

Focus on women’s empowerment is central to achieving our mission of creating a self sustain world of being empowered.

Value Edication

To construct the valuable human society, the inherent value and moral character of school children have to be cultivated.

Health Care Service

To bring bricks and structure for its own Health Centre to deliver free health care services and facilities to the vulnerable sections of the society.

Disaster Relief

Disaster includes floods, droughts, earthquakes, cyclones, wildfire and similar. On a daily basis, people and communities have their lives taken or destroyed in catastrophic events.

Who we are?

For the marginalized & vulnerable helpless people in the Society

We see the people, their life, and their vulnerabilty in the society in different perspective; we are the students, reserach scholars & socientists, social workers, library & information professionals join together to practice human values and to help the marginalized needy people in the Indian society.

News & Events

  • 00 JUL 2020

    Value Education

    To empower the marginalized community and under-privileged children and adult in the production of progressive society ...

  • 00 JUL 2020

    Provisions to Widow & Single Woman

    Providing ration & essential items for the widows, supportless households & single woman monthly to help them to sustain ...

  • 00 August 2020

    Sanitary Napkins for the Poor Women

    Napkin distribution for the homeless & poor women, especially in slums, who are unable to afford it...

COVID Humanitarian Aid

The catastrophic siutation affects the entire Nation where the helpless people are not exception. They are hurdly struggling for day-to-day life for food, jobs & other essential. Give your kind and help them to sustain lives.

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Much of the history of Humanitarian Assistance, efforts to respond were led by volunteers.
Lets work for our people and our Humanity.

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