Values & Guiding Principles


Inner-Eye Foundation is a non-profitable organization which aims to help and promote the condition of marginalized people to get free from indignity and poverty and to support them to enjoy abled & privileged lives.

The significant key purpose of the Inner-Eye Foundation is to equip and encourage members to observe the ethical standards in all their activities, including strict observance of the Code of Conduct. The Code is a voluntary, self-regulatory code of good practice that aims to improve outcomes and increase stakeholder"s trust by enhancing the transparency and accountability of the Foundation.

Our shared values &

Based on people’s trust on us, the Inner-Eye Foundation was established in 2016; and our effort and services are being carried over day to next by the spirit and energy of their trust. More than just words, our values and commitments are the guiding principles & ethical approach towards our committed humanitarian services and goals in the society.

The precise scope of our values and commitments shapes our work culture and guide our action and decision making. Irrespective of discrimination, together we all work with heterogeneous group of people & community for the ultimate goal of Inner-Eye Foundation – by following the Codes.

To be valued & to be committed for the shared responsibilities;
Honesty and transparency in all our dealing

Values: Honesty, Transparency & Calibre

The shared values are unique in bringing the harmony, integrity & trustworthy among beneficiaries, volunteers, donors, members, executives, co-ordinators & stakeholders of the Foundation in serving our purpose and committed missions. We are proud of our values, code of conducts & responsibilities. They are non-negotiable and inform everything we do. To achieve our purpose, we need to adapt some of our behaviors to keep us harmony while staying true to our values. That’s why we have our high standard commitments.


Colleagues and the communities around us, and embracing diversity and individuality, so we can all achieve great things.


Men and women, boys and girls in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person.

Protecting and Promoting

Recognized human rights including civil, social and cultural rights and with particular emphasis on gender equality, the protection of children, people with a disability and the rights of minorities and vulnerable and marginalized groups.


On aligned objectives, understanding how our work contributes to our coorindation, performance and trust priorities, encouraging diversity of thinking and inspiring each other.


To build trust with each other and with society by being honest and open about how and what we do.


To the highest ethical behaviours of ourselves and others.

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