Why is our Livelihood Mission?

Securing the basic necessities -- food, water, shelter and clothing, of life. Livelihood is defined as a set of essentials to everyday life that are required in one's life span. Such essentials could include securing water, food, medicine, shelter, clothing.

Our Causes on Livelihood

Extending our Humanitarian service & aid by having permanent shelter for the target people especially for the home-less old-age & disabled people. We help the beneficiaries who are residing in and out of the shelter.

Shelter for Old-Age & Disbables

Permanent shelter for the homeless/support-less old-age & disabled people with the essentials -- food, water, cloths, sanitation, safety and security.

Feeding Home-less, Windows & Single Woman

Supplying food to the home-less pan-handlers, old-age, disabled people and monthly rations to the widows & single womand to sustain day-to-day life.

Distributing Clothes to Home-less

For the home-less, pan-hanlders & poor households people, delvering clothes and essential items monthly.

Helping the supportless old-age people by providing
secure, sustainable & peaceful shelter

Causes that need your
urgent attention

We are the people here to help and aid our volunerable people with the help of people's support & compassion; to extend our humanitarian aid we need your continuous support to feed them and help them at the right time.

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