Experiencing a Different Kind

With iNNER-EYE, the internship is a learning experience like no other -- Experience, both intellectual and emotional, is the raw material of the internship. You will be learning mostly through experience, although you may engage in some traditional academic & organisational activities as well. Since the purpose of the Foundation is not to make money, instead we focus more on providing a service. iNNER-EYE is inviting unpaid interns for our projects & work flow.

Personal Development

an opportunity for intellectual and emotional development that may be important for your internship but will also be important in your life, whatever path you choose.

Professional Development

an opportunity to become socialized into the norms and values of a profession; to acquire more of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and academic discipline and to explore how well they fit with personal interests and strengths.

Engaged Learning

an approach that encourages interns to seek and discover new knowledge by exploring authentic enquries and problems.

Soft Skills

there is perhaps no more important place to wield soft skills than the workplace. If an internship is your first foray into a workplace, it may be your first opportunity to really focus on soft skills.

Virtual Internships

the remote or virtual version of teleworking -- some projects work well for virtual internship for editing, managing social media, translating, graphic design, curating digital records, video editing, and publishing digital newsletters are the kinds of projects.

Your Campaign

As you compete to get an internship, you should adopt a multilayered strategy. Many will do one or two layers, but you are going to do all of them, and this is what will give you a truly unfair advantage.

Bring your ideas to make different in raising funds for our noble causes

We are investing our hopes and believes within the people who are participating for fundraising; the way you work on it will change and bring impact in the lives of old-age, home-less, widows & single woman and disabled people via our missions. We are looking for interns with the

  • passion & strive to help people
  • interpersonal skills & writing skills
  • canvassing
  • asking local businesses for donations
  • calling donors to express thanks, and
  • participating in telethons/youtube channels
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Lack of Human values & practce is the
core issue of the Humniaty;
we serve people with our core compasion & kind

Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship is a viable alternative instead of brining interns into the workspace. Communication between the employer and their intern(s) takes place through a variety of methods such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, telephone and email. Interns acquire work-related exposure through a remote organizational context without necessarily requiring physical interactions with workplace supervisors.

  • Work online with non-workspace environemnt
  • Analys, design, development & evaluate system development from where you are
  • Meeting with your suprvisor & teammates remotely
  • Complete your internship without a commute & directly from your own laptop

Internship Current Openings

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Content Writer

To produce relevant content for websites, blogs, articles, white papers, product descriptions, annual reoports, project reports, grant proposals and social media platforms.

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System Developer

Looking for interns for effective system analysis, design, development, integration, deployment & evaluation of the our existing & new system development.

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Digital Marketing

Social Media is a great option to reach maximum number of audience -- to build a strong network of followers and encourage them to join and contribute iNNER-EYE, we are looking for interns to bring alternative strategies on Digital Marketing.

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