Health Mission

The poverty is a worldwide problem that is inextricably related to ill health, with poorer individuals having higher mortality rates. In addition to limited access to food, clean water and safe shelter, children raised in poverty experience limitations in development and have fewer learning opportunities, all of which may extend into adulthood.

Lack of health awareness, difficulty in access to healthcare is another common problem among poor families. Payment for healthcare can divert the limited disposable income from other educational and social needs of these families. Thus, it is not surprising that poverty and poor health can become a vicious cycle, lasting for generations in one family.

Lack in healthy drinking water is the basic issue which only leads to higher disaster. Malnutrition leading to degradation, specially child malnutrition, is the leading cause of mal-health. The governments have failed in addressing the issue in a major way. Action needs to be taken. Hence intervention of NGOs has become an essential part in fighting this ever expanding global disease.

Our Causes on Health

To reduce the human society's burden of both communicable & non-communicable diseases by providing health education & early diagnosis.

Health Awareness

For Dengu, HIV, TB & COVID-19 -- communicable & non-communicable diseases

Nutrition for HIV+ Children

To sustain the helath of people who are coping with HIV infection and trying to maintain their health and nutritional status.

Health Care for Old-Age & Disabled People

Giving free treatement & suppling medicines to the home-less old-age, pan-hanlders & poor households people.

Aid for Medical Surgery & Treatment

Helping poor needy for their surgerical operation & medical treatement to save lives.

Blood Donation Camp

Voluntary Blood Donation Facility to donate blood in emergency time invovles major & minor operations and peridical medical camp in colleges & educational institutions.

“To reduce the human society's burden of both
communicable & non-communicable diseases by providing health education & early diagnosis"

Causes that need your
urgent attention

We are the people here to help and aid our volunerable people with the help of people's support & compassion; to extend our humanitarian aid we need your continuous support to feed them and help them at the right time.

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