Support our Humanitarian Volunteer Team to feed dogs/puppies everyday and help the voiceless beings to survive life

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"A painful sight, a newborn puppy, sniffs the ground, searching for its food without knowing that the floor is endless. As a human, we can not ignore the dogs with empty stomach & being helpless; as an initiative, we have started feeding -- cooked rice with chicken every day in Bangalore" -- Humanitarian Volunteer Team, iNNER-EYE

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  • Feeding stray dogs/puppiesEveryday
  • Locations HelpingMysore Lamp, Cantonment (Bangalore)

Being compassionate for all living creatures is our responsibility on the Earth. The iNNER-EYE Foundation is a place where we have started perceiving the personal & social life in a different view and its essential services to people and other beings. We are the Humanitarian Volunteer Team, along with other Humanitarian Volunteer Teams in India, helping & serving the help-less vulnerable people on Livelihood, Education, Health & Disaster Relief and the Dog Feeding is one of our causes since the month of September 2020 every day.

More than caring & helping people, our Team is feeding the dogs in the locations -- Mysore Lamp, Cantonment Railway Station and other dogs spot areas in Bangalore where there are 6-14 dogs in each location. Some public individuals are so kind & compassionate and they are feeding dogs on road but not regular feeding. More than that the stray dogs usually wander hither and thither to find food to survive life. And we have observed that most of the dogs lying on roadsides and under sheds with an empty stomach (lean body with visible ribs) and no hope. As a human, we can not ignore the other voiceless beings with empty stomach & being helpless in these locations; as an initiative, we have started feeding dogs -- cooked rice with chicken on every day. As of now, we have been feeding 14+ dogs/puppies at the dinner time. Now the dogs have some hope that there are some people for them to feed at least one-time in a day -- well-prepared food. The regular feeding helps a lot these dogs & puppies -- physically getting improved and the puppies are able to survive.

Our Humanitarian Volunteer Team is planning to extend feeding in other locations in Bangalore on all the days. To feed the existing number of dogs and to extend our feeding to all other locations, we appeal to your kind support & compassion. Either individual or volunteer group or NGOs are invited to join & support and let us all give hope to those dogs that we are there for them always.

"There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog"

In order to ensure that the help is proper, we are following basics & measures that help the dogs, environment & people -- Dos and Don'ts of feeding strays. Here are some:

  • Avoiding giving sweets to dogs,
  • Giving them boiled food and strictly avoiding anything that has spices, or is heavily fried,
  • Choosing a spot and feeding them at the same place, every day,
  • Avoid feeding them in crowded areas, especially where children play and/or old people come for walks,
  • Don't overfeed or underfeed them,
  • Giving them water,
  • Being careful while giving milk to animals as it might cause some major health problems, and
  • Being consistently about our feeding.

Thank you for your kind support and compassion.

Humanitarian Volunteer Team, iNNER-EYE
Veeraraahavan & Anchal

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Account Number: 35913665802 (iNNER-EYE Foundation)
IFSC: SBIN0007988 | Bank Name: SBI

To send Cheque & DD: 14/3, 6th Main, B Cross, Subedar Palya,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560 022, Karnataka, India.

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