Dr. Vedapurieswaran's Professional & Organizational Maxim

It’s difficult to zoom down on a life. So many details, even if it’s repetitive like a leaf. It’s veins, or the skeleton, generally broad and...

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The woman came to play a vital role in transforming philanthropy & charity

Mary E. Richmond (1861-1928) was a contemporary of Jane Addams and an influential leader in the American charity organization movement. In this biography...

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Why do we prefer things as it is?

Why do you or prefer living amidst dirt/waste/ the way it is I simply can end the question saying -- we are all born out of it and we start with a ...

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Let someone smile because of you, feel the great virtue

Helping others gives off an impression of being a human drive that is both general and profoundly filled. However, the best thing about such an...

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