Why do you or prefer living amidst dirt/waste/ the way it is I simply can end the question saying -- we are all born out of it and we start with a waste product but that fuels our lives. And we end up in ashes. I am superficial in every sense. And we don’t go far in anything. But we touch upon things and make our way through. To see the surface is to see God. Waste in that sense is a superficial description we tag something to. But looking at it surface wise it’s matter essentially. Waste is the building block of everything in this world. An atom simply is a waste. When we bond 2 atoms we can see some structure. As Ramakrishna said in all is the Brahman. And the ultimate essential Brahman is the formless. So to me waste is just a scrupulous formless version that when build can create wonders.

Someone might say this is just a waste of time. What a waste then. People enjoy doing wasteful things. Knowing the fact that something might not happen, if I take the extreme case, but the joy for the sake of simple, even if momentary, joy spices up our lives helping us stay a little longer. Waste. Say cancer is a waste. Really it is. We have created these things. But so many lives thrives on this disease which is a waste. I am not trying to advertise cancer. But superficially it is so. Say Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is a waste. But again so many work based on the waste. Ultimately nothing might happen doing these but it has quenched some of man’s thirst even if superficially. Waste.

One morning I was a bit sad, moody, finicky whatever you might call it. I was wanting to see the Mother. Then (which I won’t recommend) I received some prompts from within. This again is a new disease I hear and again might be absolutely true to get instructions from your God and responding. And it can be dangerous simply for the case of it. But that’s the way it happened. I had a little bit of a waste (a puppy shit) and I went outside my room and in front of a tree. And I saw the mother. Standing talk golden in the edges. To me it was a vision however superficial it might sound. I knelt before it and kissed the ground. I was happy. Repeatability is an issue in every aspect. But a thing which has occurred, for example if someone has seen God, will occur. Waste.

Often described as a careless lab technician, Fleming returned from a two-week vacation to find that a mold had developed on an accidentally contaminated staphylococcus culture plate. Upon examination of the mold, he noticed that the culture prevented the growth of staphylococci. Again from waste. Every discovery is directly associated with waste. Now whether it’s a coincidence or some logic is up-to you.

Hence we try not to disregard. I am not a saint or whatever. I too disregard things at times. I am scrupulous messy restless nervous bad crazy. The body is therefore these things are there. But essentially we know that wastes are the strength. Lets welcome and embrace wastes.