Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Every human being is the spinal of the society and the nation where there is the inhuamnity, inequality, negligence & descrimination and it is back-log of the individual & social development; and it leads to the insecurity of the personal & social life -- especially the under-privileged people life. Only the Humanitarian practices help to empower the people and soceity beyond our intellectual & material resources.

Lack of Human values & practice is the
core issue of the Humniaty;
we serve people with our core compassion & kind

Our Mission

iNNER-EYE brings the holistic approach to focus, help and secure old-age & disable community and empower the under-privileged people's Livelihood, Education & Health; Empowering the marginalized community and under-privileged children and adult in the production of progressive society by our humanitarian practices for its indivual and social enhancement with compassion.

Nurturing & Practicing Human Values

With the colleagues and the communities around us and embracing diversity and individuality, so we can all achieve great things.

Integrity in Charity

Supplying food to the home-less pan-handlers, old-age, disabled people and monthly rations to the widows & single womand to sustain day-to-day life.

Individual & Social Empowerment

For the home-less, pan-hanlders & poor households people, delvering clothes and essential items monthly.

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