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Sanitary Pads Distribution for Poor Girls & Women in Slums

More than the shelter & food, the used cotton clothes are very important in people’s life specifically to the people in Slums. Day-to-day, essentially people are using dress/clothes for the customs of traditional dressing culture -- for dressing our nudity. In the lives of people in slum, the used dress/clothes is having a special place for monthly menstrual cycle.

COVID-19 Humanitarian Aid: Feeding Homelsss People Everyday

iNNER-EYE's COVID-19 Humanitarian Aid is launched to fight the hour of crisis to feed people and giving Ration/Mask for Home-less/Help-less People in the Indian States.

Food Distribution to the Homeless & Old-age People Everyday

iNNER-EYE delivered food for the home-less panhandlers & old-age people in Bangalore city on 03rd April, 2020. There are thousands of people are starving, help-less and not noticed. Without your support, we can't feed them; Support our cause and enable us to feed more people.

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