On one hand, people are troubled due to COVID-19 & on the other hand, there are challenges arising out of Assam floods.

Disaster Relief

Disaster includes floods, droughts, earthquakes, cyclones, wildfire, and similar. On a daily basis, people and communities have their lives taken or destroyed in catastrophic events that humans have little control over.

Natural disasters pose a serious threat to the well-being of affected individuals, households, communities, and countries. Disaster relief demands immediate action to ease the suffering of survivors and save lives. Although disaster relief is not designed to stop future disasters or reduce the risk of such events, it does help to smooth the transition from necessary and immediate relief to both short & long-term rehabilitation and redevelopment.

Our Causes on Disaster Relief

The volunteers from iNNER-EYE and non-affected areas and other regions, people dedicated to helping disaster survivors and reducing their sufferings. These volunteers, often called Disaster Relief -- Spontaneous Volunteers (SV), may or may not have appropriate training or experience, but they volunteer their time freely to beneft another person, group, or organization.

Food & Water Supply

Permanent shelter for the homeless/support-less old-age & disabled people with the essentials -- food, water, cloths, sanitation, safety and security.

Ration & Essentails Supply

Supplying food to the home-less pan-handlers, old-age, disabled people and monthly rations to the widows & single womand to sustain day-to-day life.

Disaster Relief Response

For the home-less, pan-hanlders & poor households people, delvering clothes and essential items monthly.

Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out
to help our brothers & sisters and other species on the Earth affected by disasters

Causes that need your
urgent attention

We are the people here to help and aid our volunerable people with the help of people's support & compassion; to extend our humanitarian aid we need your continuous support to feed them and help them at the right time.

Join our Relief Team

Join our Disaster Relief Team to help people in the emergency fields