It’s difficult to zoom down on a life. So many details, even if it’s repetitive like a leaf. It’s veins, or the skeleton, generally broad and similar yet with exceptions which change the course taking one immediately off track to meet a big sea, profound and old where you see the mixing and mixing and mixing and the incessant sounds, usually so strong and soft and warm. And you see the spilling of everything and everything pours in, golden and delightful which smoothness out time and matter and space.

The Age-old Scriptures: Here is Veda. Like the age old scriptures which is the profound book of documentation about who, where, why. Veda, is like an ocean, who has lived his life behind working on the social demographics and trying to make things right and true.

His Service beyond His Career: From a stint in physics to change course to degrees, eventually to a Ph. D. in Sociology and going deep into it working on various social ideas and representations and of course documenting cases mostly on

  • Women workers from tea plantations to sex workers and tribal and the fishermen;
  • Rural health and education have also been a part of his case study;
  • Migration studies, self-empowerment strategies, gender equality and movements have spontaneously made way into his efforts;
  • Concerns about the young guns and their rights and victimization and the way out have found places in his presentation and papers; and
  • He took all of these the conferences trying to build awareness and concern and instill the seed to be sown and watered and taken care off to create tall and green.

Professional & Organizational Maxim: Hence Veda pursued field works to make amends working hard-planning and conducting training programmes for field staffs, monitoring the field staffs, conducting back checks, scrutinizing the survey and reporting the same to the project heads. Pre-test and post-test counselling for people who come to take the HIV test. Assist individuals that have been infected with the virus to overcome the trauma and put in place various coping mechanisms to help the individual to lead as normal a life as possible.

Educating the Rural population about the virus and on how to protect them against infection. Conducting AIDS awareness campaigns Programme. Make the person aware of consequences of risky behavior – Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS. Motivate change in sexual behavior to avoid future STI’s and HIV/AIDS. Organising Medical camp, Build and maintain good relationships with local partners in the implementation of project activities. Mobilized, Motivated and trained the field worker for the project.

His Journey with iNNER-EYE (R): iNNER-EYE and Veda talks to one another like time and eternity, like a mother to her child sunning each other moving out the streams of confusion and turmoil and chalking a red unification, soft and strong with a hue and spirit that will wind the future. Veda holds such strength and stature, strong and standing like the Goddess atop the Earth. He does detailed surveys relevant to all the sectors in which Inner Eye dwells, from health to home for the homeless. And of course the necessary back up in all its contribution and participation. He is the reverted Secretary of iNNER-EYE, warm and moist, hugely profound and indulgent.

“Waves go back and forth trying to send the reverberation till the end. Mostly. And not all accomplish that. But Veda have done that day in and out with a sense of continuity.”